Michael Flynn

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is here to stay

A scream once derailed a presidential campaign. Now, Trump is cruising past his senior aide’s guilty plea. No help is coming, writes Andray Domise
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The coming American explosion

Scott Gilmore on why the Michael Flynn guilty plea is so momentous, and what it says about the political devastation soon to come
President-Elect Trump Holds Meetings At Trump Tower In New York

Michael Flynn and the dizzying descent into chaos

Opinion: Even if the Michael Flynn testimony proves a catalyst in the Mueller probe, America’s politics may never return to normal

Trump vs Nixon: A look at how the two presidents compare

We rated the parallels to date between the Russia-gate and Watergate scandals. The similarities are striking.
Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates Testifies on Russian Election Interference and Michael Flynn

Three things we learned from Sally Yates’s testimony

And what it says about how Donald Trump handled the scandal regarding Michael Flynn and Russia
Malcolm Nance on active duty.

Q&A: Malcolm Nance on U.S. security and ISIS, a future ’ghost caliphate’

Intelligence expert, ex-soldier and author Malcolm Nance discusses Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, and the Quebec mosque shooting
President Trump Holds Listening Session With County Sheriffs

The most innocent explanation for Kremlingate. (It’s still bad.)

Giving Donald Trump the benefit of every doubt imaginable, here’s how one might explain all of the damning ties to Russia
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Daily Trump Tracker: Joe Trudeau? Not quite.

As his national security advisor quits, Trump wins a branding victory in China. We track another news-packed day in the Donald Trump White House

Behind the scenes as Michael Flynn writes his letter of resignation

A few words stood out in the Trump aide’s formal goodbye. Okay, mostly one word.

Daily Trump Tracker: Trudeau and Trump shake on it

From welcoming Trudeau to Washington to escaping questions about Michael Flynn, another day in Donald Trump’s presidency