Britain’s Prince Charles poses with his mother Queen Elizabeth in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle

Canadians adore Queen Elizabeth. Her son? Not so much

For some Canadians hoping for a message on their 100th birthday, only one monarch will do
Queen Elizabeth II 90th birthday celebrations, Windsor, Britain – 21 Apr 2016

What to give the Queen for her 90th? A brooch, of course.

Her vast collection runs the gamut from historic to frivolous
Britain Queen’s 90th Birthday

The Queen in her most important role: as ’Gan-Gan’

As Queen Elizabeth II turns 90, a series of Annie Leibovitz portraits show that it’s family that matters most to Her Majesty

How to make Queen Elizabeth cake (Happy Birthday, Your Maj!)

Celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday by creating the cake that bears her name
Members of Britain’s royal family cheer as competitors participate in a sack race at the Braemar Gathering in Braemar

Elizabeth II: The happiest woman in post-referendum Britain

Not just her job, but also her love of Scotland was at stake
Britain Prince Philip

Royals say the darndest things: Prince Philip at 93

Behind his curmudgeonly persona hides an incisive mind and inquisitive nature — so says royal watcher Patricia Treble
Queen Elizabeth II

’You must not bore the public. You must not kill the Queen.’

Prime Minister David Cameron seems to have forgotten that motto as Parliament opens this week
Spanish Royals Attend Easter Mass in Palma de Mallorca

Future queens in a game of thrones

Three girls are set to inherit European monarchies
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I wanna be... Canarchy?

Did Canada really patriate its constitution in ’82? The official answer: not quite.
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War of the Roses, part II

A renewed legal tussle over where to bury King Richard III’s remains