The TikTok star behind Canada’s new—and less floppy—moose crossing sign

Chloë Chapdelaine, then 18 years old and living in a small town with no WiFi, redesigned the floppy-looking moose sign out of boredom. Now her design will officially replace the old one.

Nova Scotia is racing to protect its fragile ‘Moose Sex Corridor’

A narrow strip of land connecting Nova Scotia to New Brunswick is a lifeline for maritime moose in the mood to mate—and it’s under threat

Moose that walked in the door of a B.C. grocery store dies in attempted relocation

Don’t feed the animals! It was a message that the residents in the northern B.C. town of Smithers learned after a moose walked through electronic sliding doors and right into the town’s Safeway.


Day 3 on the Trans-Canada, Grand Falls, NF

Trans-Canada distance: 441 km

Fightin’ words

Feuds: fightin’ words

From Google and Apple to Newfoundland and a ballooning moose population–bad blood runs deep

Awake the lumbering giants

What’s being done to keep cars from crashing into moose

Infrared beams, military tracking software—how we’re waking up the lumbering giants

Bad News

Good news, bad news: June 2-9, 2011

A wrongfully convicted woman regains her freedom, while a Boston player gets knocked out of the playoffs by a vicious hit


Quite an introduction

Between the sometimes-luminous opening ceremonies and the corny clichés of the closing show, Canada presented versions of itself the world had never seen