Carol and George with baby Jeff in 1951 (Courtesy of Penguin Random House Canada)

’I think that my father murdered my mother.’

Jeff Blackstock unravels the story of his mother’s death in the 1950s and lays it in the hands of his father, who at the time was a Canadian diplomat

Who gets to be a ’teen’ and a ’good kid’?

Andray Domise: White youth accused of crimes are draped in the innocence of childhood. Why Black kids are offered no such empathy.
Murder, She Wrote: South by Southwest

Murder, she wrote. The hot new literary trend.

A female sleuth, a comfortable setting and a distinctive hobby. What’s behind the explosion in so-called ’cozy mystery’ series.

How reporting on a murder trial stirred memories of my brother’s death

What I learned from the justice system as a sibling of a murder victim—and then, years later, reporting on the high-profile murder case
Alta Deadly Holdups 20151223

7 charts that tell the story of Canada’s higher homicide rate

Canada’s homicide rate rose in 2015. Here’s a look at some of the factors that were at play.
A bullet hole in a Pontiac Grand Prix belonging to Precious Land, a mother of three who has been in a coma ever since the shooting, over the Memorial Day weekend in Chicago.

Chicago’s murder count just crossed a tragic threshold

Shootings in Chicago are up 50 per cent this year as the city grapples with a surge in violence. A criminologist explains what’s behind the increase.
mom 2

Mother charged with murdering daughters is free in Canada

Sarah Augustine was mentally ill when she allegedly stabbed her daughters, Rachel, 5, and Sophie, 2 months, in Dominica in 2010

’Kicking the Sky’ chronicles a bloody way to come of age

How the 1977 murder of a shoeshine boy transformed Toronto
Mark Twitchell

6 of Canada’s most bizarre murders

Tales of crime from John Wilson in 1833 to Mark Twitchell in 2008