Murray Sinclair

Niigaan Sinclair; Murray Sinclair (Courtesy of David Lipnowski/University of Manitoba;Skye Spence/Queen's Alumni Review)

Murray and Niigaan Sinclair, the father-son duo working toward reconciliation—and opening Canada’s eyes

If legal titan Murray Sinclair was the first person in the room, his media-savvy son is trying to change the room altogether. Together, they are at No. 30 on our Power List.

Murray Sinclair (Photograph by Skye Spence)

Murray Sinclair on reconciliation, anger, unmarked graves—and a headline for this story

The retired senator and Indigenous jurist talks with Marie-Danielle Smith about colonial systems, the legacy of Sir John A. Macdonald and the role of the new governor general

The land surrounding Neskantaga First Nation as seen from a plane descending into the reservation. (Photograph by Chris Donovan )

Indigenous leadership is crucial to protecting the planet

Murray Sinclair: Indigenous peoples have lived in balance with ecosystems since time immemorial. Our wisdom does not privilege humans above all other beings—a spirituality of humility, not dominion.

Sen. Murray Sinclair: Our children do not set out in life to fail

Our children are the ongoing prize in the cultural war that Canada declared against us over 150 years ago.

Sen. Murray Sinclair on truth and reconciliation’s progress

One year after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report was released, its leader discusses forgiveness, inspirations, and challenges ahead

Truth and reconciliation, one step at a time

Twenty-five pounds. Nine volumes. Laura Payton reports on a commission’s vital recounting of the attempted destruction of Indigenous Canadians’ culture

For the record: Justice Murray Sinclair on residential schools

Justice Murray Sinclair tables the recommendations of the truth and reconciliation commission on residential schools


Thomas Mulcair and Theresa Spence

The NDP leader says Theresa Spence should end her hunger strike.

Success, one student at a time

How universities are embracing the Aboriginal baby boom