Liberals enjoy strong support for their renegotiation of NAFTA

A new Maclean’s-Pollara poll finds the gains, going into an election year, are biggest in Ontario, and seem to take USMCA off the table for Tory attacks

What a Democrat-controlled House means for the new NAFTA deal

Canadian officials believe that Trump’s USMCA will proceed as planned, but a more tense, polarized Washington carries economic implications
Justin Trudeau Chrystia Freeland

A new poll on the USMCA suggests Canadians are feeling deal-makers’ remorse

More respondents were disappointed with the deal than pleased with it, meaning a presumptive plus for the Liberals could be a liability

Chrystia Freeland and the art of the deal

Spread thin and up against a bullying opponent, Chrystia Freeland saved NAFTA and emerged as the politician to watch in Ottawa. Now what?

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement represents a failure of ambition

Opinion: Free trade agreements have long been fuelled by grand visions of a better tomorrow. But by keeping managed trade—which isn’t truly free—the USMCA fails

The truth about dairy farming in Canada

With producers predicting more than $1 billion in losses and demanding compensation, we took a hard look at the state of the industry—here and across the border

By including Indigenous peoples, the USMCA breaks new ground

Opinion: Perry Bellegarde on why the ’new NAFTA’ is the most inclusive international trade agreement for Indigenous peoples developed to date
Justin Trudeau Chrystia Freeland

The USMCA locks Canada in on digital trade—and at a worrying time

Opinion: There are notable differences in Canada’s approach to data between the ’new NAFTA’ and the TPP, and they may have troubling consequences

Canada has shown leadership on data—but it’s silent when trade deals arise

Opinion: Canada’s trade talk doesn’t match its data-regulation walk, and if policymakers fail to coordinate those two, there could be trouble ahead
G20 summit

How USMCA could scuttle free trade with China

Oct. 3: The new trade deal forces all three partners to reveal trade talks with ’non-market’ economies like China months in advance