In Mexico, the USMCA means life goes on

With a new president, Mexico badly needed a trade deal with America, and it’s good that Canada is around—but the ’new NAFTA’ elicits a collective shrug, and seems to change little
Farm equipment Alberta Canada

Canada’s farmers aren’t a monolith—and for many of us, the USMCA is a good thing

Opinion: Dairy farmers are fuming over Canada’s concessions in the ‘new NAFTA.’ But the reality is that most Canadian farmers need strong, global trade
President Trump Holds News Conference To Discuss New US-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal

How new-NAFTA could still go bad

The deal is done but it’s not official. Approval in each country could take many months, and given the state of U.S. politics, it’s not guaranteed.
NAFTA Wine 20170806

With a ’new NAFTA’ deal, B.C.’s protectionist wine policy ends, too

Opinion: How an issue about grocery-store shelf space in one of Canada’s provinces found its way into USMCA talks and, ultimately, the agreement itself

The USMCA keeps Canada in America’s thrall

Opinion: The ’new NAFTA’ solves a serious crisis in the short term. But Canada made significant concessions—it was always going to have to—and that’s a big long-term problem
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The USMCA explained: Winners and losers, what’s in and what’s out

From online shopping to biologic drugs, we’ve sifted through the details with our eyes peeled for devils
AP Explains NAFTA

NAFTA? USMCA? Trumpta? What should we call this new deal?

U.S. President Donald Trump thinks USMCA sounds nice. We disagree. Pick your favourite name for the new NAFTA.
DAIRY COWS 20180925

’A huge disappointment:’ A dairy farmer reacts to the USMCA

Every time the government gives away part of the market, says B.C.’s Dave Taylor, ’it destabilizes what supply management is all about’

The NAFTA story, as told by photos of Trump and Trudeau

It began with some warm handshakes and kind words. A year later, a trade war loomed and greetings had turned downright frosty.
Justin Trudeau Chrystia Freeland

Trudeau’s biggest threat after NAFTA—himself

Stephen Maher: Trudeau and Freeland handled the worst America could throw at us (Donald Trump). The next challenge: don’t get cocky.