Bruce Heyman is Canada’s grand champion—for better or worse

The former U.S. ambassador to Canada has left his gig north of the border, but he remains a freelance advocate for the Canada-U.S. bond

What Mexico’s new president means for ’Three Amigos’ relations

Top Canadian ministers headed to Mexico to allay fears of being left behind in NAFTA talks—offering a glimpse into what AMLO’s incoming government might mean for the bloc
Jim Carr, Justin Trudeau

In the age of Trump, Canada triples down on the trade file

Canada now has three cabinet ministers working on the trade file. But history suggests escaping the U.S. economic orbit won’t be easy.
Dairy Cows

How dairy became seen as a public resource worth protecting in Canada

As Donald Trump assails Canada’s supply-managed dairy industry, history shows how perceptions around Canadian milk changed—turning it into something worth defending
Dentons NAFTA 2.0 Summit

Corporate America’s free trade fighter in the eye of Hurricane Trump

The head of the Canadian-American Business Council talks about defending NAFTA, America’s ’poking Canada in the eye’ and taking the long view
Space Command anniversary

Why Donald Trump will fail to divide Canada and the U.S.

Editorial: Our two countries are attached at the hip. Just look at NORAD, an integral part of U.S. defences where a Canadian is second-in-command

Canadians to Trump: Don’t mess with us

From Parliament Hill to city councils to grocery stores, Canadians are embracing a volatile anti-Trump movement
Stephen Harper

It’s NAFTA crunch-time, so why are we talking about Stephen Harper?

Andrew MacDougall: The only reason we know about Harper’s trip to D.C. is likely because Justin Trudeau’s office wants to change the channel

A patriot’s guide to shopping during a Canada-U.S. trade war

Upset about Trump’s tariffs and Uncle Sam dragging its trusted allies into a trade war? Here’s how you can hit back at the U.S. with your wallet.
Loewith Cattle Farm As Increased Access To Canadian Dairy Market Urged

Will we really sacrifice the Canadian economy at the altar of the dairy industry?

Scott Gilmore: What was last week an issue of trade is now a question of patriotism in the face of Trump. But it won’t change the economic math.