Heads Of State Attend G7 Meeting – Day Two

How Canada should react to Donald Trump’s G7 tantrum

Opinion: The Canadian government’s response to Trump’s fit of temper has earned support from across the political spectrum. That may just be the start.
Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau

Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau: The empire of diminishing returns

Paul Wells: If these guys are so afraid of even the mildest retaliatory action, Canada and its serious allies should give Trump a response worth fearing
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland

Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland respond to Donald Trump’s tariffs: Full video

As the world reacts to new steel and aluminum tariffs slapped on exports to the U.S., Trudeau and Freeland plot a course for Canada
Justin Trudeau Donald Trump

Aluminum and steel tariffs: How Canada should react to Donald Trump

Paul Wells: President Trump is an incorrigible loose cannon. It is time the Trudeau government stops wasting so much time on him.
CN Tower, Toronto Canada

How to save NAFTA in one day

Scott Gilmore: If Trudeau wants to save NAFTA, he could take a lesson from China, Russia and the Philippines. Forget about appealing to the U.S. diplomatically, just suck up to Donald Trump himself
Second Round of NAFTA Negotiations in Mexico City

Why sudden NAFTA progress is thanks to the U.S.-China trade war

America doesn’t have the resources to fight China and its North American friends on trade at the same time. Something has to give.
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How NAFTA could make obesity rates worse if the U.S. has its way

Opinion: Canada’s refusal to back down on food-labelling regulations is an opportunity to show that public health regulations should not be traded away

This global index shows uncertainty about Canada’s economy is spiking

A U.S.-based policy uncertainty index shows that for all of Donald Trump’s unpredictability, it’s Canadians who are scratching their heads about the future
President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Bruce Heyman: No one person can define the U.S.-Canada relationship

Ordinary citizens form the heart of our bilateral bond, writes the former U.S. ambassador to Canada—and Trump’s ’reckless’ comments won’t change that
President Trump Signs Section 232 Proclamations On Steel And Aluminum Imports

Donald Trump is starting a trade war. Here’s why it will go dangerously wrong.

The consequences of the president’s enthusiasm for economic conflict could be widespread and severe. In trade wars, no one wins.