National Anthem

Allegretto con Bravura, handwritten sheet music by Calixa Lavallée. (Courtesy: Library and Archives Canada e011163931)

The hidden racist history of ’O Canada’

Laila El Mugammar: Every time I stand for the Canadian national anthem, I think about the song’s composer, who founded a blackface minstrel troupe. What does it mean to sing the melody of a man who wore me as a costume?

Canadian artists weigh in on ’O Canada’

Now that Bill C-210 is before Senate, and will likely become law, what do some of Canada’s artistic minds think of O Canada?
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Mauril Bélanger on updating ’O Canada’: ’We are in 2016!’

The veteran MP on why it’s important for Canada to have a gender-neutral anthem, and on pushing legislation while fighting ALS

Letters: ’God keep our land?’ What about the atheists?

Our readers weigh in on the national anthem debate

Don’t mess with the national anthem

Emma Teitel sings the praises of ’O Canada’
Parliament of Canada, Peace Tower, Canadian Flags

Three versions of ’O Canada’ that almost became the anthem

In the early years of the last century it wasn’t clear what the English lyrics should be
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Don’t mess with the anthem

The Philippine Congress voted unanimously last week in favour of a bill proposing a $2,000 fine or jail time for the improper singing of the national anthem