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Colorado Avalanche vs Montreal Canadiens

The last days of the hockey brawler

Hockey is evolving—and the thirst for victory once again trumps the fans’ thirst for blood

Mike Babcock: 23 men, 23 ways to coach

Toronto Maple Leafs’ head coach Mike Babcock on kitchen-table accountability and sharing the love

What it feels like to be a Winnipeg Jets fan

Winnipeg Jets fans don’t mess around. These hardcore hockey fans finally had a team to cheer for again when the NHL franchise was brought to Winnipeg in 2011. You can expect serious team spirit whenever the puck drops at Winnipeg’s MTS Centre.

What it feels like to be the keeper of the Stanley Cup

Looking after the Stanley Cup is more intense than you might realize. The high-stakes job, which requires white cotton gloves to make sure the cup stays shiny and fingerprint-free, gives you serious NHL bragging rights in the Great White North. This is what it’s like to be the keeper of the National Hockey League’s highest honour.
Erie Otters v London Knights

The worst team in hockey wins yet again

Colby Cosh on why the Oilers’ off-ice luck hasn’t brought much on-ice success
Toronto Maple Leafs V Arizona Coyotes

Playoff joy is everywhere! Well, everywhere but Hogtown.

From Calgary to Winnipeg, Ottawa to Montreal, it’s playoff time. Meanwhile, the Leafs stink. Obviously.
Martin St. Louis

It’s time to fix the NHL trade deadline

The NHL trade deadline, all boredom and empty airtime desperate to be filled, must be the league’s greatest prank on its broadcasters
Corey Perry, Brian Mach

Why the NHL is the ultimate breeding ground for mumps

With 14 players coming down with mumps, hockey faces a health threat from the past
Pittsburgh Penguins v Anaheim Ducks

Who earns what: The highest-paid NHLers by province

The highest paid NHL players for each province, based on their actual salaries for the 2014-15 season
Corey Crawford

Randumbness? The new NHL is less predictable than you think

Colby Cosh on how the shootout has changed the NHL’s regular season — for the crazier