National War Memorial

Canadian War Museum

Simple offerings: How the Canadian public remembers the fallen

A look at the old photographs, hand-written notes, decorated wreaths and classroom art projects left at Ottawa’s National War Memorial

The monumental politics behind Ottawa’s newest memorials

Two new Ottawa projects will remind tourists of the darkest chapters of 20th-century world history
Remembrance Day Ottawa 20141111

Timelapse: Remembrance Day at the National War Memorial

Nov. 11, 2014, was unlike any other in the nation’s capital
Remembrance Day Ottawa 20141111

The complicated task of never forgetting

John Geddes on how Remembrance Day 2014 in Ottawa felt different in the wake of Oct. 22
Afghan Cda Memorial 20110913

Misgivings about politically motivated monuments in precious public spaces

John Geddes questions a sculpture to satisfy Turkey, and a unnecessary one for the War of 1812