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The Explorer: 19th-Century Quebec In Photos

Alexander Henderson spent decades photographing the province’s dazzling landscapes and burgeoning cities. And his work was almost lost forever.
© Junji Takasago, Wildlife Photographer of the Year

See the best wildlife photos of the year before they arrive at the ROM

A showcase of the best works from the 58th annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards arrives at the Royal Ontario Museum this weekend
(Photograph by Claude Lafond)

Behind the evolution of Montreal’s Biodôme

The animals that inhabit Montreal’s beloved Biodôme are at the centre of its recent overhaul
(Photo Illustration by Stephen Gregory)

Inside the fight to save New Brunswick’s maple syrup

It’s syrup makers versus loggers in the battle over Canada’s maple forests
(Illustration by Selena Wong)

Whitehorse’s historic Martha Black Mayday tree is dying—but its seedlings may help it live on

Hundreds of seedlings from one doomed tree will sprout this year around Whitehorse, keeping the iconic plant’s legacy alive
Orcas in the Southern Resident Killer Whale endangered J Pod play in the Salish Sea at sunset on Aug. 4, 2018, off Vancouver Island, B.C. (Richard Ellis/Alamy)

B.C.’s ’southern resident’ orcas have been wandering far from home. Could this be the end?

The orca family known as J pod have been swimming far away from their Salish Sea digs. Will they return in 2022?
(Photograph by Amber Bracken)

At the Calgary Zoo, the camels watch the people

The Calgary Zoo has a pair of resident camels—and these humped mammals love to people-watch
On the last day of Whelan's journey (Thyren Garde-Jacobs)

Dianne Whelan on finishing a six-year, solo crossing of the Trans Canada Trail

The B.C.-based filmmaker walked, hiked, paddled and snowshoed across Canada in what she calls an ’ecological and reconciliation pilgrimage’
Removing the dead whale was a gruelling task involving a tugboat, an excavator, knives, hip waders, protective eyewear and Vicks VapoRub (Ted Pritchard/CP)

What does it take to move a rotting whale carcass? Glute strength and Vicks VapoRub.

There is no creature more majestic than a blue whale, and few jobs less pleasant than getting rid of a deceased one that washed up on your public beach
(Courtesy of Outdoor Recreation Council)

An abandoned U.S. dam is blocking fish from B.C.’s Similkameen River—and key spawning ground

An abandoned dam in Washington state may be the only thing barring chinook and steelhead trout from the upper reaches of B.C.’s Similkameen River. If you tear it down, will they come?