Navdeep Bains

Justin Trudeau, west of Toronto, bailing water

Paul Wells: A region of considerable Liberal strength in 2015 has become a region of Liberal woe today, and ‘Team Trudeau’ is taking notice

The Liberals’ supercluster plan is an economic fantasy

Opinion: Government funding for clusters is highly unlikely to be able to deliver the enticing possibility of “Made-in-Canada Silicon Valleys”

Navdeep Bains and the Silicon Plant People from Saskatchewan

Paul Wells on the announcement of the winners of the Liberals’ supercluster initiative—supercluster?—and why it’s probably a good thing

Q&A: Navdeep Bains on selling ‘superclusters’

The Liberal innovation minister on how he’ll pitch the ‘supercluster’ plan, picking economic winners and what really motivates him

Ottawa Power Rankings: Pot activists’ win is also their loss

Who’s up? Scott Brison and his progressive hiring policy. Who’s down? Navdeep Bains and Canadian innovation.

Kevin O’Leary calls out his own party: Ottawa Power Rankings

Who’s up? The reality star-turned-politician, for once. Who’s down? A pair of key Liberal ministers.

Will Ottawa’s ‘cluster’ approach to innovation funding work?

Canada will spend $800 million on a few lanes it can dominate globally. But the question of how they’ll pick the lucky sectors will be tricky politics

Justin Trudeau’s fall agenda: Big files and economic worries

Sure there’s climate change, a health deal, First Nations issues—but don’t forget trade, innovation and infrastructure

The census is back with a swagger

The best advertisement for the long-form version may have been its demise. Cue an early stampede of responses.

Why Ottawa should resist the urge to be helpful

‘Real change’ doesn’t happen overnight—or without the necessary funds

Now for the hard part: The road ahead for eight cabinet ministers

Meet eight Liberal ministers with the toughest jobs in government: delivering on an electorate’s sky-high hopes

Photo Gallery: A Very Liberal Xmas

Photos by Mitchel Raphael