New York Rangers v Carolina Hurricanes

Hockey’s once-loathed Sean Avery on his grudges, drugs and LGBT support

In his memoir, the Ontario-born and -raised player, now an actor, sets out to prove he’s more than a ’hate-filled wrecking ball’
Detroit Red Wings v Chicago Blackhawks

Here’s how Gary Bettman can fix hockey. It’s easy.

Hockey legend Ken Dryden on his new hockey book and the simple rule changes that could ease the number of concussions in his beloved game

Ken Dryden: The outrageous, embarrassing, unmissable problem with hockey

"Different decisions have to be made, and decision-makers have to be willing to make them."
NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Ottawa Senators at Pittsburgh Penguins

Canadians oppose using taxpayers funds for NHL franchises

Fans in Calgary and Ottawa want new arenas. But taxpayers and politicians aren’t keen to help pay for them
Sidney Crosby

Twelve fascinating things we learned about Canadians and sports

Who is the greatest athlete of this century? And other questions to cause bar fights
Sidney Crosby, Matt Niskanen

Handling concussions is a team sport. And we all need to be in the game.

In the wake of Sidney Crosby’s head injuries, a top Canadian expert explains the huge changes on how concussions are treated and managed
Minnesota Wild v Buffalo Sabres

Video replay is ruining professional sports

High-definition, slow-motion video reviews aren’t providing sports infallibility. It’s time for a new standard.
2014 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic – Toronto Maple Leafs v Detroit Red Wings

Why 2017 will be hockey year in Canada

In 2017, the NHL will turn 100, and turn its focus to hockey lore, outdoor games—and even a brand new team
Auston Matthews

Why the disappearance of NHL fighting is a good thing

Now, if we could just get some more goals...

Wayne Gretzky on the love of his life

A rare sit-down with Wayne Gretzky who talks about what it takes to win a Stanley Cup, how NHL players have changed, and why he only ever wore used skates