Why Sin City topped Quebec City for an NHL team

The provincial politics behind Quebec City’s failure to convince the NHL to give them an expansion team
Masters of Hockey

The ways we’ll remember Gordie Howe, 1928-2016

We will remember him for being the greatest player the game of hockey has ever known
BKN All Star Jersey 20151203

Why corporate logos don’t belong on team jerseys

Editorial: The NBA will allow corporate logos on team jerseys. With luck, the trend won’t catch on.

Chad Brownlee’s hurtin’ music

Injuries forced Chad Brownlee out of the game he loved, and into something else that needs courage and commitment: country music
2014 Stanley Cup

Cherry Picker: Choose your ideal NHL team by its Canadian-ness

Are you a Canadian hockey fan desperate for a reason to cheer? Use our tool to find the right Canadian-ish bandwagon for you

BONINO! BONINO! BONINO! How a hockey man found his calling

Most NHL broadcasters don’t look like Harnarayan Singh. They haven’t done what he has to get there, either.
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Buffalo Sabres

Could Canada’s hockey teams be any worse? Nope.

Canada supplies the NHL nearly half of its players, and a ton of revenue. But it may not qualify a team for the playoffs.
A youth plays pond hockey as the sun rises on Pigeon Lake in the region of Kawartha Lakes Ontario.

Game on. Can you beat hockey legends in a battle of wits?

Our annual #HockeyDay Quiz is back! See how you do in our all-hockey trivia test, and compare your score to those of four sports icons
NHL All Star Game Hockey

John Scott, and how the NHL applied hockey’s ’Code’ on its fans

The trade of John Scott, all to preserve the ’sanctity’ of the All-Star Game, shows that the NHL has rules on who is allowed to be a fan
Calgary Flames v Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton vs. Calgary: A hockey rivalry, but also more than that

Edmonton, armed with the NHL’s next prodigy and a plan to transform downtown, is fully wrapping its civic identity in its Oilers. Not so much in Calgary.