Calgary Flames rookie Sam Bennett is chasing the dream

He’s a natural, but the Calgary Flames rookie has also been working his whole life to get to this moment

Inside the NHL: A celebration of the return of hockey

Maclean’s celebrates the return of the NHL with a special package that profiles those who will give their all—on and off the ice

Video: Sportsnet unveils new Hockey Central studio

11,000 square feet + 9 separate sets + 52 monitors = The largest, most innovative sports studio in the country
Dion Phaneuf

Maclean’s video: Countdown to the puck drop

With the NHL poised to return, Maclean’s is ready to celebrate all those — on and off the ice — who will give it their all
Pittsburgh Penguins v Anaheim Ducks

Who earns what: The highest-paid NHLers by province

The highest paid NHL players for each province, based on their actual salaries for the 2014-15 season
Max Pacioretty Andrei Markov

Prepare for a hockey tsunami

Rogers bets big that Canadians can’t get enough of the NHL
Patrick Kane

Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE lifts more blackouts

New GameCentre LIVE will offer more than 50 per cent more games this season
University of Kansas Andrew Wiggins college basketball NBA Draft

Canadian basketball players lack effort? Wrong.

Jason Whitlock ignores history when he says Canadian NBA players like Andrew Wiggins lack drive. But Canadians are guilty of this kind of thinking, too
PK Subban

P.K. Subban on what it means to live the Canadian dream

’Whether you’re with friends or family, you’re celebrating on Canada Day’
Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens – Game Three

Who does P.K. Subban think he is?!

The hockey establishment accused him of being a showboat and disrespecting the game. And he’s exactly what the game needs.