The battle for the soul of Muskoka

A Toronto real estate developer is building a mansion on Ontario’s fanciest leisure lake. The neighbours are doing whatever they can to stop him.

Thanks to NIMBYs, the rest of Canada might be right about Toronto

Tabatha Southey has long argued that Toronto is a great place to live. But a rising tide of not-in-my-backyard attitudes is making her position hard to defend
The view of Calgary, Alberta as the sun rises (Henryk Sadura/Shutterstock)

Calgary’s never-ending public shame: blocking basement suites

Squawk-fests over granny units have become a distasteful ritual at city hall. For a wealthy, modern metropolis, it’s unbecoming.
Density Creep Neighborhood Alliance

Newsmaker of the Day: Marcia Visser, crusader against ’density creep’

Newsmaker, May 25: A tone-deaf campaign against a four-storey Toronto condo tower takes Nimbyism to new heights