They were loved: The Maclean's Obituary Project

They Were Loved: Remembering Canadians who died of COVID-19

A cowboy at heart. A devoted caregiver. A grandpa who sent the best gifts. A nurse who chatted up Freddie Mercury. These are some of those we have lost.

A nation’s loss: Victims of Flight 752

Fifty-seven Canadians were killed when their plane was shot down in Iran. They included scientists, students, newlyweds and children from across the country.

‘They were both go-getters’

Armin Morattab, 36, remembers his twin, Arvin Morattab, 1984-2020, and his sister-in-law, Aida Farzaneh, 1986-2020

‘Her heart was like the ocean’

Sisters Asieh Banisadr, 40, and Salmeh Banisadr, 40, remember their mother, Niloufar Sadr, 1958-2020

‘They wanted a simple life’

Babak Ahmadi, 38, remembers his friends Razgar Rahimi, 1981-2020, and Farideh Gholami, 1981-2020, and his godson Jiwan Rahimi, 2016-2020

From a granddaughter to her zaida: ’The greatest storyteller was always you’

Before You Go: Hannah Ziegler on the unshakeable legacy of her Holocaust-surviving grandfather, whose memory is destroyed—but whose stories will live forever

A Humboldt couple’s letter to their late son, Evan Thomas

’You are everywhere. Your room, your couch. Your marks on the wall we used to measure when you were growing. We need to find a new place to live.’
Jaskirat Singh Sidhu,

Humboldt Broncos families on their ’tears of anger’ and the healing process

Facing the driver at fault for the crash, friends and family read statements in a makeshift Saskatchewan courtroom: ’I don’t hate you,’ said one mother.
Toronto Shooting 20180722

Toronto shooting: Faisal Hussain identified as shooter

A 10-year-old girl and 18-year-old woman were killed after a man with a handgun made his way down a busy stretch of bars and restaurants in Toronto’s Greektown