Northern Gateway

What Canada’s most controversial pipelines look like from the sky

We jump into the Google Earth flight simulator for flyovers of three controversial pipelines that start near Edmonton and run east and west

Fly the full length of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline

We use Google Earth’s F-16 flight simulator to take you from one end of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline near Edmonton to its terminus at Kitimat, B.C.

Trudeau crunches the crude math of pipeline politics

Evan Solomon on Justin Trudeau’s tough political calculus on Trans Mountain, and the real reason he approved it

Blocking pipelines is a costly way to lower emissions

Rather than block pipelines, we could achieve the same reduction in global emissions, but without the economic costs, by putting a price on carbon

On carbon, Ottawa must learn to give as much as it takes

A federal-provincial standoff looms over the carbon tax. Could a grand bargain be the way forward?

Encyclopedia of the oil crash: N is for Newfoundland

…and natural gas, Northern Gateway. View this and more in our encyclopedia of the oil crash

The QP Clip: The NDP remains furious about Gateway

The NDP continued its season-ending fury of opposition to the most controversial yet-to-be-built pipeline in Canada. Peter Julian, the NDP House Leader, led the Official Opposition’s unrepentant hate-on for the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline. The government’s allowing Enbridge to force a dangerous pipeline on a province that detests the very idea, he said.

The QP Clip: Mulcair calls out B.C. Tories

The exchange you can’t miss from this afternoon’s Question Period

QP Live: All out against Northern Gateway

Your daily dose of political theatre

Refine it where you mine it? The value-adders are back.

We should be finding the most lucrative markets for our bitumen and charging an appropriate rate to extractors, writes Andrew Leach

Feds distance themselves from Gateway

The approval came in a colourless release with a bureaucratic title