Moose Jaw Moose 20110915

Mac the Moose’s creator agrees that Norway’s gleaming moose is nicer

’They wanted big and cheap,’ shrugs Don Foulds of the Moose Jaw officials who commissioned his sculpture. ’Aesthetics is not the primary concern for a group like that’
THE DAY WILL COME_Photo by Christian Geisnaes

Why Canadian cinema might love Nordic Noir’s new wave

The lure of Nesbø and Knausgaard has stars like Matt Damon, Kristin Wiig and Michael Fassbender turning Scandinavia into the new Hollywood North
Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik attends his trial in a courtroom in Oslo

The psychology behind Anders Breivik’s murderous rampage

’I’m still asking myself, "Why did he really do it?" ’ author says of Norway massacre

Day of the central bankers, and a dust-up in the tech world

April 15: Prepare yourself for monetary policy meetings in Canada and Europe, and the European Commission gets tough on Google

Starring Oslo as Gotham City

Famed for his part in Scandinavia’s noir boom, Jo Nesbø has a few other careers, too
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Norway’s oil discovery means more money, more problems

Their offshore oil industry is gushing with good fortune. So why is everyone unhappy?
James Moore

The Commons: No questions asked

Just as there haven’t been answers these last few weeks