Food Guide 20190122

Canada’s Food Guide: Ignoring it? Now’s the time to follow the rules.

Opinion: The latest guidelines are good for the environment, animal welfare and public health.
View of well ordered vegetables for sale in a supermarket. (Denise Taylor/Getty Images)

How to eat every day without consuming harmful chemicals

Kristin Lawless argues that ’Big Food’ has obscured the fundamentals of healthy eating—and that some additives actually help cause obesity
Soda And Water For Sale

How NAFTA could make obesity rates worse if the U.S. has its way

Opinion: Canada’s refusal to back down on food-labelling regulations is an opportunity to show that public health regulations should not be traded away

Who earns what: From farm to table

The average salaries of the people who bring us our food

Sweet surprises: How much sugar is in your favourite foods?

The sugar content of ice cream might not surprise you, but what about cereal—or vitamin water?

Death by sugar

How the sweet killer is fuelling the biggest health crisis of our time

Sugar overload: A preview of this week’s cover story

How sugar could be fuelling the biggest health crisis of our time

If you want it done right, cook it yourself

The new thinking in the war on junky cafeteria food: Get students into the kitchen

The dangers of going gluten-free

It’s the biggest health craze of our time, though some doctors fear it’s creating real problems. (Even the Wheat Belly guru is worried)
Praise the Lord and pass the olives

Biblical cooking: breakfast, lunch and the Last Supper

For the faithful, the Bible offers a wealth of wisdom, including nutritional advice