Is ailing America ready for a radical prescription?

The road to the White House leads through Ohio, where some Democrat frontrunners hope radical new policy prescriptions can turn voters away from Trump
Scenes of Ottawa County, Ohio.

Do America’s perfect voters even live in the same country?

Six months after Trump’s inauguration, when Ohio’s Ottawa county extended its bellwether voting streak to 14 straight elections, its people are hopelessly divided
Ottawa County, Ohio.

America’s perfect voters picked a winner—again

In the bellwether corner of a bellwether county in the bellwether state of Ohio, voters picked Donald Trump—and it wasn’t even close

America’s perfect voters

How do Americans really feel about the election? Ask the people of Ottawa County—they’re never wrong
Donald Trump, Mike Pence

Can Donald Trump make Youngstown, Ohio, great again?

A struggling Ohio city considers its own high-stakes vote ahead of Trump’s GOP coronation in nearby Cleveland
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Ad campaign—or slander?

Are pro-life attack ads targeting Ohio Democrat Steve Driehaus based on lies?
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Swinging Ohio: the battle lines are drawn

The state has a history of deciding elections. Once again, it may come down to 12 critical counties.