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How to live with lower oil prices

How the collapse of oil prices is impacting the Canadian economy, and what policy makers at the federal and provincial level should do to ease the pain

The most important charts for the Canadian economy in 2016

From employment and trade to energy and deficits, here are 50 charts picked by Canada’s brightest minds to help you understand the economy in the year ahead
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Everything you need to know ahead of the Alberta budget

Nowhere has low oil prices hit harder than in Alberta, and the government’s finances in particular

Awash in oil: Why the glut isn’t going anywhere

Why the oil price rut could last a lot longer than many think—and what that would mean for Canada

What lower oil prices mean for the Canadian economy

The reality that lower oil prices may be in place for more than a year—perhaps two, as opposed to months—is only now beginning to settle in
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Fear and loathing in the Canadian economy

Canada’s economy is at a crucial juncture, one that will determine whether this will be a short, shallow recession, or something deeper and longer-lasting
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On oil prices, Joe Oliver is more bullish than energy traders

If oil prices do not rise at the rapid rate predicted by the federal government, the spectre of deficits will return

It’s crazy how closely oil prices have tracked the 1980s crash

As oil prices swing wildly, it’s worth remembering just how long this could go on for before the next cycle begins
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Alberta’s resource revenue picture is downright bleak

Further cuts will be needed if the Alberta budget’s forecast for higher oil revenues doesn’t materialize
Pace Of Job Growth Slows Down, 7.8 Unemployment Rate Remains Unchanged

Welcome to the economy’s big unwind

If you feel like you’ve heard the latest news about the economy before, you’re not imagining things