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Why the oil crash caught so many by surprise (but shouldn’t have)

A look at the entrenched thinking about oil prices that was so prevalent just a year ago
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin sm

Russia’s economy is tanking, but that Putin sure is swell

Putin’s high popularity rating in Russia is a testament to his charisma and the willingness of people there to buy into conspiracy theories

Talisman Energy, from bust to boom to bust

Talisman was born out of the wreckage of one oil price collapse, and may disappear as an independent company amid the ruins of another

Canada’s stock market glory days are over

With oil prices falling, and debt-laden consumers under pressure, investors in the TSX are at risk of another period of prolonged disappointment
Jim Prentice

The Editorial: Oil prices are falling—but it’s hardly doomsday

The plunging price of a barrel of oil has caused discomfort in our oil patch and the governments that rely on it. But there are positive global effects.
Choking the oil sands

Is it time to panic in the oil sands?

If the current pricing trends continue, at least one of the proposed oil sands pipeline projects would no longer be needed
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Just how much is the oil price drop hurting oil sands projects?

Despite the plunge in prices, the oil sands are a lot better off than you might think

Oil prices falling, but Air Canada fuel surcharge to stay

On a conference call Thursday to discuss third-quarter results, Air Canada executives suggest the surcharge won’t be going away any time soon
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What a commodity bust would mean for Canada’s economy

Given that we’re already in a slow-growth environment, the risk is stagnation in the economy, or something worse

Equity futures shaken by Ebola’s arrival in New York City

Your top financial and economic news for Oct. 24