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Should Jim Prentice be worried about oil prices?

All told, the story is not as bad for Alberta as it could be, but Prentice will be watching oil prices closely
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This month in (U.S. oil production) history

The top songs, movies and news events from the last time U.S. oil production was so high
Militant Islamist fighters take part in a military parade along the streets of northern Raqqa province

Three wars in Iraq and their impact on oil prices

One of the puzzles of plummeting oil prices is that crude has fallen even as war in Iraq has erupted again
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Why falling global oil prices aren’t hurting Alberta

Crude prices may dropping, but diluted oil sands bitumen is actually worth more than it was four months ago

A paper on Keystone’s climate impacts would fail Econ 101

The claim that Keystone will lead to lower oil prices and thus higher consumptions is based on a faulty model
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8 charts explain why Canada’s middle class is richer than America’s

Canada’s middle class had a lot going for it, but will those trends continue?

Worried about gas prices? Blame the Canadian Dollar

A weaker currency may help boost exports, but it means domestic prices, like what you pay at the pumps, will rise

Why the price of oil may be about to tank

’Crude oil could fall to 25 per cent of its recent high’: expert
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North America’s real energy superpower. (Hint: it’s not Canada)

Jason Kirby on an energy revolution and the makings of an oil glut
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Booms, busts, and mantra about bitumen

Andrew Leach on a new report from the Pembina Institute and Equiterre