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Would Enbridge’s Line 9 really save Quebec refineries $23 billion?

Andrew Leach checks the math on a very big number in the pipeline hearing

Good-bye to the North American oil market as we knew it

Things will never be the same, writes Andrew Leach
Time to bomb Syria?

A strike on Syria: What could it do to Canada’s economy?

A look at financial markets, oil prices and the loonie
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Commodities boom, miners’ bust

Canadian resource companies were among the worst performers of the year
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Explaining Canada’s hurry to build pipelines in the U.S.

Andrew Leach on why the status quo is hurting Canada
Big pain at the pumps

Big pain at the gas pumps

It’s not just drivers feeling the heat. Why volatile fuel prices are killing the economy.
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Econowatch: May 2011

A monthly scorecard on the state of the economy in North America and beyond
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Energy efficiency rules

Procter & Gamble has told its suppliers to regularly report their energy consumption rates
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America’s next automaker?

Rising oil prices could boost Tesla’s place in the market