Canadian wines: So much to discover

Not long ago, Canadian wine drinkers would have fit in one of three camps: red, white or Baby Duck. Boy, how things have changed

Your ticket to ride in the Okanagan

Blessed with beautiful vistas, B.C. has spawned a host of tours that cater to the area’s unique environment

Dinner with a view

Joy Road Catering in the Okanagan goes that extra mile to create exquisite dishes from food grown as close to the grapes as you can get
Wine in Canada 2013

Anthony von Mandl: The entrepreneur

The Mission Hill owner was prescient in his vision for the Okanagan and is ambitious with his beautiful estate
Wine in Canada 2013

Howard Soon: The visionary

With B.C.’s poor reputation fresh in his mind, the Sandhill winemaker focusses on crafted small batches

Sandra Oldfield: The Twitter queen

The Tinhorn Creek CEO is also its blogger, its winemaker–and a scrapper

Osoyoos Indian Band wins bid for first provincial jail on reserve land

Chief wants more jobs training for Aboriginal inmates
Okanagan wine country

Crushing it

For anyone who has ever dreamed of opening their own winery, but lacked the start-up funds, there’s a better way
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Summer Travel ’09: British Columbia

Sea, sky and everything in between