Ontario Liberal Party

Michael Coteau in his Toronto office. (Photograph by Jalani Morgan)

Ontario MPP Michael Coteau on the Liberal implosion: ’The simple fact is that we’ve lost’

Heading into the Ontario election, Michael Coteau was in cabinet; now, he’s just one of seven Liberal MPPs left. He speaks about what went wrong in a wide-ranging Q&A
ONT Elxn Wynne 20180607

Why Doug Ford’s Ontario PC government should grant the Liberals party status

Opinion: By winning only seven seats, the Ontario Liberals failed to qualify for official party status—but there’s a case for Doug Ford lending them a hand

Here are all of Doug Ford’s promises in Ontario election 2018

Voting day in Ontario has come and gone, and Doug Ford’s PCs have won a majority government. Here’s what they have planned—and what the opposition wants, too
Wynne Waterloo

Ontario’s Liberals were decimated—and lost party status. What happened?

Opinion: The election was a mess of the Ontario Liberals’ own making. Here’s what happens next—and why a huge loss might actually be a good thing for the party
Kathleen Wynne

The one thing Kathleen Wynne should be sorry for

The Ontario premier’s new #SorryNotSorry ad campaign is bold. But if voters are entitled to an apology on one issue, it’s hydro, argues Krista Hessey.
PC Leader Doug Ford skips the Provincial Leaders debate hosted by the Black Community to campaign in Northern Ontario including this a rally attended by approximately 300 people at Cambrian College

Just how ’pro-business’ is Doug Ford, really?

Opinion: There’s a belief that ’pro-business’ politicians are only forged through vows to slash taxes and red tape—but it’s also about cultivating a business climate