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Oprah is dropping hints again she might run for president

Speculation is once again rampant that the queen of TV might make a run for the Oval Office. But will she actually run—and could she win?

Noted on Twitter: Oprah really, really likes Canadians

If there was any doubt about Oprah Winfrey’s feelings for Canadians as she makes her way across the country for a series of speaking engagement, she has made it clear.

Oprah spoke to thousands of cheering fans at the Bell Centre in Montreal Thursday. After Oprah wowed the audience of 15,000 by yelling “Bonsoir” and “J’adore Montreal,” and sharing her message of hope and living your best life, she left the city with this tweet:

Gotta say Canadians are the nicest people. This is my 5th Canadian city. Everyone is so KIND.Thank you MONTREAL !

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