Orlando shooting

WorldPride Parade 2014

Steinbach Pride: Inside a battle for LGBT rights

Steinbach was famous for being Canada’s most charitable community. Now it’s becoming known for its hostile treatment of its LGBT citizens.
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Five powerful pieces of reporting in the week after Orlando

How five media outlets harnessed digital tools, data—and even video games—to make sense of the horrific Orlando shooting

A rabbi walks into a gay bar: After Orlando, a pride revolution

In once-unsympathetic cities like Surrey, in churches and Orthodox synagogues, the senseless violence of Orlando has sparked a movement
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How homophobia has complicated the grieving process in Orlando

Many of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting mostly gay, mostly from Lantino community still seeped in homophobia
Nation Mourns Victims Of Worst Mass Shooting In U.S. History

Why Orlando is a watershed moment

To be queer or trans, even today, is to understand that safety is not guaranteed. Orlando drives the point home.
Donald Trump on campaign trail.

The real homegrown extremist: Donald Trump

Voters prefer Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton to handle terrorism. And it’s been a good week for fear.

Three hours of terror in Orlando

How the Pulse nightclub shooting unfolded in Orlando, rocking a community and a country
Guns that were turned in by their owners are seen in a trash bin at a gun buyback held by the LAPD

How America can change its relationship with guns

It will take time. But Americans deserve the right to live without fear of mass shootings.
Nightclub Shooting Florida Vigil

Alleged Orlando gunman used to hang at Pulse nightclub, regulars say

A couple says they saw Omar Mateen as many as a dozen times at the gay-friendly nightclub where he’d massacre at least 49
Egale executive director, Helen Kennedy (centre), releases the report Grossly Indecent with constitutional lawyer Douglas Elliott (left) and Todd Ross, who was given an honourable discharge from the army in the 80s for being gay.

Egale’s Helen Kennedy on Canada’s homophobic, transphobic past

In wake of the Orlando attack, Egale’s executive director talks about the ’Grossly Indecent’ report and the need to right historical wrongs