Pierre Berton

How Queen Elizabeth II was taught to rule

The daughter of a second son, she got the best start of all—a happy childhood. Then, from her father, struggling with great zeal and small strength, and from her mother, affectionate and serene, she learned the often tiresome tasks of queenship

From the archives: Pierre Berton and the Korean War

A panel of veterans and historians react to Berton’s critical view


A devotion shared by a Queen and her subjects

On her birthday in 1947, nearly five years before she would become Queen, a 21-year-old Princess Elizabeth delivered one of her most memorable, assured and prescient speeches.


How ‘The Beaver’ lost its name

The story of how the Canadian magazine solved its 90-year-old branding problem

Queen Elizabeth’s exhausting 16-hour work day

A look back at Pierre Berton’s 1953 report from behind the scenes of the royal household and the ‘strange job of being Queen’