Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Trudeaumania through the eyes of photographer Peter Bregg 50 years later

Bregg, who captured so many of the most memorable photographs of Pierre Trudeau, was on hand when Trudeaumania began on April 6, 1968

Putting Trudeaumania under a microscope

A historian tackles the topic of Trudeaumania in this new biography

Being Sacha Trudeau

For years, Justin Trudeau’s younger brother, Sacha, led an intensely private life. Not anymore.

The lessons for Justin Trudeau in his father’s first budget

As Canada readies for Justin Trudeau’s first budget, what can his father’s first budget tell us about the economies each Prime Minister inherited?

How Kim Cattrall got a date with Pierre Trudeau

Amid a 60 Minutes controversy over a photo mix-up, we dug into the archives to hear from Kim Cattrall on how she met P.E.T.

Like father, like son. Only, not always.

Justin Trudeau invokes his father constantly, but he’s almost nothing like him. John Geddes explains

Three key files that are fleshed out in Justin Trudeau’s new book

Though Trudeau’s memoir is largely noteworthy for its glimpses of his famous family and odd upbringing, hints at policy do appear

The new anti-Trudeau book: I’m in there, just not recognizably

Finding your name in the index of a real, honest-to-goodness, hardcover book, especially if you toil making short-lived works of journalism, is generally an ego-replenishing moment. So it was for me—if only fleetingly—when I saw a little something I’d written cited in Bob Plamandon’s The Truth About Trudeau, the Conservative commentator’s newly published bid to “set the record straight” about Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Parliamentarian of the year, 2006: Ralph Goodale

One thing is for sure: he can take a punch

Breaking out of bounds

Justin Trudeau’s B.C. playground

Teaching kids to snowboard, Trudeau found a place to emerge from his father’s shadow

In conversation: Justin Trudeau

The Montreal MP in a wide-ranging interview from 2012

The ghosts of Liberal backrooms past

Sure, there are divisions in the Liberal party. There are divisions in every party.