Pierre Trudeau


Karina Gould on Pierre Trudeau’s legacy

Canada’s international development minister spoke about the prime minister’s father and why we should ’enthusiastically’ embrace liberal internationalism

Trudeau’s incredibly close election battle—in 1972

Pierre Trudeau’s biographer talks about how Justin Trudeau’s second campaign looks remarkably like his father’s sophomore run
Jane Philpott Justin Trudeau

Resigning on principle? It (almost) never happens in politics

When Jane Philpott stepped down as Treasury Board president on Monday, she joined a small handful of historic examples

In conversation with Barbra Streisand: ’Rage is a motivator’

In a rare interview, the multitalented artist talks about raising better boys, the politics that informed her new album ’Walls’, and how she inspired Pierre Trudeau
It was Trudeau by a nose in the fourth at the Liberal leadership convention at Ottawa, Saturday. Justice Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 46, got 1203 votes--a few more than the required majority--on the fourth ballot. (Peter Bregg/CP)

Trudeaumania through the eyes of photographer Peter Bregg 50 years later

Bregg, who captured so many of the most memorable photographs of Pierre Trudeau, was on hand when Trudeaumania began on April 6, 1968
1976 visit to Cuba strained relations with Washington; when Trudeau declared ‘Viva Castro.’ Fidel Ca

The Trudeau family’s love of tyrants

Political blind spots are inevitable when you have warm thoughts for oppressors
Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau square off, finally

With rave reviews of Scheer’s press gallery dinner speech echoing in the background, the new Conservative leader took aim at Trudeau in QP
Margaret Trudeau

Margaret Trudeau’s last job

As Margaret Trudeau retires from her decades-long philanthropy work, grandchildren and long walks beckon

Tracking Canada’s economy under Justin Trudeau and his father

Drawing on historical statistics, here’s how the economy under Justin is shaping up against that of his father at this stage in Pierre’s first term
Fidel Castro, Celia Sanchez

Justin Trudeau’s trouble with rose-tinted diplomacy

Trudeau’s sunny statement on Castro’s death was an egregious white-washing of the dictator’s record