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University of Toronto downtown campus before it closed due to COVID-19. (Roberto Machado Noa/ Getty Images)

During the coronavirus, academics have found themselves in a crisis of their work

Rinaldo Walcott: After decades of pushback, the move to online teaching has been swift. It’s time for academics in the humanities and social sciences to step out of the virtual classroom and into the community.

Alberta’s post-secondary funding problem is staring them right in the face

Max Fawcett: 10 years ago, Alberta needed geologists and petroleum engineers. Now they’re unemployed. See what happens when post-secondary funding is predicated on a boom-and-bust economy?

Video: What does a university education cost in Canada?

To nobody’s surprise, university is no cheap feat. But how much does an education really cost? With the price of rent, groceries and the occasional drink, school fees are only a fraction of the overall price tag, particularly for those who move away from home.

Why a university application deadline shouldn’t freak out students

Ontario’s university applications centre expects 90,000 applications by tonight’s midnight deadline. But it might not be your last chance to apply for your favourite program

Why colleges are increasingly being seen as the smart choice

This post-secondary option is no longer the poor cousin to university—even if your parents don’t agree

The good news—but missed opportunity—in Harper’s RESP pledge

When it comes to boosting the use of RESPs, the question of how many people participate is as important as how much those who participate contribute

Brian Mulroney announces expanded scholarship program

A $10 million endowment will help 130 high school students in need pay for university next year

‘Entry-level’ jobs are getting harder to find

New grads face demands for up to five years experience to enter the labour market. How a lack of on-the-job training is hurting young workers.

Face the financial facts of education

Lesson 1: Pick the right field of study

Top marks for Canada’s post-secondary schools

New OECD report shows Canada does a good job balancing access to post-secondary education with quality


Ontario considers shorter degrees, easier school transfers

Proposals put forward in government paper


Women and children

Just before Sunday’s NDP debate, Paul Dewar released his platform on families.