Power List 2024


What went down at the Maclean’s Ideas Summit

In its latest iteration, the event explored our relationship to power in an unpredictable world
Power List

The Power List 2024

100 Canadians Shaping the Country this year

The Power List: Arts and Culture

Their films, albums and TikToks are putting Canada on the entertainment map

The Power List: Politics

Meet the newsmakers and policy brokers leading the national conversation

The Power List: Sports

These athletes and execs are bringing big change—and Olympic glory—to Canada

The Power List: Climate

These Canadians refuse to leave environmental issues out in the cold

The Power List: Health Care

New drugs, docs, tests and tech—brought to us by these medical marvels

The Power List: Housing

The builders, backroomers and innovators shaping where Canadians live
1. Yoshua Bengio_feature_Richmond Lam

The Power List: Yoshua Bengio

Bengio, who holds our No. 1 spot in AI, unleashed an age-defining innovation. Now he’s trying to tame it.
1. Ryan Reynolds_feature_jpg

The Power List: Ryan Reynolds

He’s pumping out billion-dollar companies alongside his billion-dollar movies—and he’s our No. 1 business tycoon