A teenager with short black hair, sunglasses, a buttoned up t-shirt and checkered purse staring at their phone. Pictured against an orange wall.

Social media can hurt kids. For many 2SLGBTQ+ youth, it’s a lifeline.

The internet can be a scary place. For queer kids, it’s sometimes the only safe place they have.

How drag is revitalizing queer culture in rural Canada

The growing popularity of drag shows in places like Kingston has turned performers into celebrities

A rainbow house beaming with Pride

In the face of anti-LGBTQ hate crimes during Pride month in Alberta, a Lethbridge family explains how they’ve helped rally a community—and gone viral in the process
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau walks in Toronto's Pride parade on Jun. 23, 2019. (Chris Young/CP)

The sad politicization of Pride

KC Hoard: Pride parades, when stripped to their most core elements, are public acts of resistance against the powers that continue to limit queer people’s rights
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Marching brave

Five historic images from the past five decades, each of which highlights a key moment for the LGBQ community

The police saved my queer, Muslim life. And they can be allies for others, too.

For many in marginalized communities, the police are our only hope. The journey to fight injustice should not be a zero-sum game.
Toronto Bathhouse raids Feb 5; 1981

What the ’lavender scare’ tells us about Pride and its future

As Toronto Pride asks police not to participate in this year’s parade, the fraught past—including the RCMP’s ’fruit machine’—offers cautionary lessons

The purpose of human pride

Why ’the deadliest sin’ is the key to human success
Mba Steinbach Pride March 20160709

Reflecting on Steinbach’s historic first Pride Parade

LGBTQ residents of small-town Steinbach, in Manitoba, consider the meaning of a historic Pride where supporters came out and local officials didn’t
WorldPride Parade 2014

Steinbach Pride: Inside a battle for LGBT rights

Steinbach was famous for being Canada’s most charitable community. Now it’s becoming known for its hostile treatment of its LGBT citizens.