How to address sex assault on the subway line

A Toronto Transit Commission report finds sexual assault on public transit is rising—yet remains underground

Are universities complicit in sexual violence?

’The Hunting Ground,’ Kirby Dick’s new documentary on sexual violence at U.S. universities, shines a light on institutional problems and brave survivors

Q&A: A mother’s journey through the perils of teen sexting

A mother speaks out about her daughter’s experience with teen sexting and why parents need to educate themselves about the law
TORONTO, ON – JANUARY 15TH, 2015 – Lauren Reid. Photograph by Andrew Tolson

’When you’re ready, and want to share, I’m here.’

Lauren Reid founded a safe place for others to share their experiences with sexual assault—and led by example, by sharing her own
A woman who does not wish to be identified poses for a photograph after an interview on forced marriages with Rachel Browne of Maclean’s Magazine

Against their will: Inside Canada’s forced marriages

Forced marriage is one of the last taboos to break. A new law could make it a crime. So why do those who champion prevention oppose it?
Stephanie Raymond

Former corporal wins apology from military over alleged sex assault

From the archives: Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Tom Lawson to Stéphanie Raymond: ’I’ve come to the conclusion you were wronged’
Kathleen Wynne

Ontario announces initiatives to address sexual assault and harassment

Amid growing public interest in sexual assault, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has announced a new package of programs

What Canadians say about workplace sexual harassment

A major national survey finds some common ground—and some big gaps
Marie Jackson in Banff, Alberta, November 20, 2014. Photograph by Todd Korol

Author Marni Jackson’s story of backstage harassment

From 2014: The former TVOntario host recounts ’imaginative acts of harassment’ she suffered from a colleague

’I think some men who use violence can change’

Attiya Khan, the filmmaker behind the crowd-funded documentary ’A Better Man’