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Far-right religious groups protest my drag storytime events. Here’s why I won’t stop.

"These protests are about power and control of knowledge. Drag Queen Story Time is about education."
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My Escape From Iran

I worked at a prosperous medical clinic in Iran. When the protests began, the regime came for me. This is how I escaped.
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I helped organize the Mahsa Amini protests in Toronto. It was a full-circle moment.

“The best way for Canadians to help is to remember and amplify. The Iranian government wants the world to forget what it’s done.”
Trudeau is seen during a news conference where he announced the Emergencies Act will be invoked to deal with protests, on Feb. 14, 2022 in Ottawa (Adrian Wyld/CP)

The Emergencies Act: What’s ’seriously endangered’?

Paul Wells: Five PMs have had the Emergencies Act and declined to use it. The question now is whether Trudeau has met the ’stringent test’ laid out 34 years ago.
Boston, Massachusetts, Black Lives Matter protesters march to the Massachusets State House on May 31. Protests in Boston ignited by the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police were largely peaceful until protesters were confronted by heavy-handed tactics of police. (Photograph by Adnan R. Khan)

Who the real extremists are in America

Adnan R. Khan: Can racism ever be washed away in America? One thing is clear, those trying to stop the movement are worried and destined to fail.
Protests across the U.S. began in May and continued into June: a protester in Los Angeles on May 27 (Jason Armond /Los Angeles Times/Getty Images)

Tear gas, outrage, solidarity: Scenes from the protests against racism across the U.S.

Photographers on the ground during protests and riots across the U.S. capture images of pain, resilience and the aftermath of police brutality
Supporters of the Wet'suwet'en nation's protest march in Winnipeg on Jan. 10, 2020 (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Mike Sudoma)

Canada is not broken

Scott Gilmore: Despite our flaws and constant challenges, we live in what is arguably among the least broken countries in human history

Justin Trudeau ejects a protester

Paul Wells: In an extraordinary day on Parliament Hill, Andrew Scheer got shut out of protest talks and the PM put a big bet on patience
Elizabeth May, Kennedy Stewart

Can protesters still stop the Trans Mountain pipeline?

Ottawa’s takeover of Trans Mountain may hurt B.C.’s efforts to obstruct the expansion project, but protesters say it has ’lit a fire’ under them

The uprising in Iran: ’This is what revolution looks like’

Terry Glavin on how the ongoing protests are more than an economic revolt. Could the darkness that descended upon Iran in 1979 soon be lifted?