Quebec strike

pot banging protest

Quebec’s pots and pans protesters

Forget tuition. It’s all about Law 78 now.
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Are young Quebeckers really getting a bad deal?

John Geddes on "intergenerational inequity"
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Several hundred arrests in Quebec overnight

Montreal Police employ "kettling"
Que Student Protests 20120515

How Quebec’s back-to-school bill fails

Political scientist Emmett Macfarlane weighs in
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"Nothing to do with tuition": finance minister

Quebec ministers signal tougher stance on protests
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Quebec’s minister of education steps down

Line Beauchamp says she could not reach a compromise
March 22 National Day of Action

Quebec students rejecting tentative deal

15 college and university associations vote "no"
quebec student strike flag

An update on Quebec’s tuition protests

A worried judge, a counteroffer and an eager opposition
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Quebec premier offers strikers concessions

Jean Charest would reduce tuition hikes to $254 per year