Question Period


The House of Commons: What, you were expecting something different?

Paul Wells: Parliamentarians settled into their news digs, where the acoustics are good and the decor—along with the MP’s rhetorical material—familiar

Don’t blame MPs for their QP phone habits—blame our broken rules

Opinion: We should want our MPs to be engaged in the debate. But Canada’s parliamentary rules offer them little to no incentive to do so

When MPs are on their phones in QP, they’re wasting your money

Opinion: Canadians pay for their MPs to work on Parliament Hill. So why are some MPs spending that time devaluing a key part of our democracy?
Illustration by Kagan McLeod

Why are MPs browsing their phones during question period?

Whether they’re on Facebook, checking messages or even playing video games, mobile device use in the House is out of control

Justin Trudeau, the Paradise Papers and his ’super rich friends’

In Question Period on Monday the PM was back in the hot seat facing questions about Liberals and tax shelters

Why heckling during Question Period can get ugly, especially for women MPs

A new report finds that women are more likely to hear heckling that focuses on gender, intelligence, age, race or ethnicity, and appearance
QP Live 300×300

The House of Commons is back: Live video

Watch the first question period of the season in Ottawa. We’re carrying it live at 2:15 pm ET.
Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau square off, finally

With rave reviews of Scheer’s press gallery dinner speech echoing in the background, the new Conservative leader took aim at Trudeau in QP
Kevin Lamoreux

Why Liberals want to change how MPs work in Ottawa

In this interview, MP Kevin Lamoureux suggests a Liberal election pledge trumps opposition outcry
Maryam Monsef Mark Holland Greg Fergus

Maryam Monsef’s change in parliamentary tone

Maryam Monsef on keeping a positive tone, speaking the truth, and carrying herself with integrity in the House