R.B. Bennett

What we can learn from a disastrous 1930 U.S. tariff on Canadian goods

As Donald Trump threatens tariffs on steel and aluminum, policymakers should look to history and take heed of the Smoot-Hawley Act’s cautionary tale

Justin Trudeau’s sunny ways

The Liberal leader explains his economic agenda


The man in charge at the worst of times

John Boyko talks to Steve Paikin about RB Bennett.


Better know a talking point

From the official government lines distributed over the weekend.


Governing with consent

Last week, Mark Donald heralded a “tide of ennui.” This week, Andrew Coyne writes, somewhat less satirically, of our “deeply, deeply cynical political culture.”


A short history of summer elections

Canada has suffered through nine elections in June, five of which might’ve technically counted as summer votes. But if you follow the school year definition, there’s been three summer elections—July 1930, August 1953 and July 1974.


Easy, young fella

There might be plenty of reasons to believe Dominic LeBlanc is the right man to lead the Liberal party. His age, though, is not one of those reasons.