Republican Party

Trump supporters participated in a rally on Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington (John Minchillo/AP/CP)

The Republican party has become an authoritarian party

Shannon Gormley: The GOP faced a test and it failed. Now will the destruction of one major party corrupt the one that remains?
Western Conservative Summit

Signs of a Republican meltdown in the heart of the U.S. Bible Belt

Former G.O.P. strongholds like the Ninth District of North Carolina are increasingly in play thanks to Trump’s toxic politics, boding ill for the party in 2020

For David Koch, the earth is his funeral pyre

Andray Domise: David Koch used his endless wealth to reshape not only politics but the fate of our planet, for the worse

How liberal democrats can save America, slowly but surely, from Trump

Adam Gopnik argues compromise is a ’fighting word’ for liberals who need to be simultaneously radical and realistic
John Kerry Addresses San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club

In conversation with John Kerry: ’There’s no hope for the Trump administration’

The former secretary of state and presidential candidate on the future of the Democratic Party, Trump’s record on Iran and climate, and defending Ted Kennedy’s complicated legacy

Why the American empire has lost control—and its failure is imminent

Pretending the world isn’t bleak feeds the mania for unreal hope that exists within American culture, argues Chris Hedges

David Corn: Why Russian interference is a bigger deal than Watergate

A Q&A with the co-author of ’Russian Roulette’ on why he thinks Russians disrupted the 2016 U.S. presidential election—and what could happen next
Donald Trump

Why Donald Trump’s dramatic swing on gun control won’t last

Opinion: The President’s history and the nature of his base make it impossible to be hopeful about his feints toward gun control

Black voters saved Alabama—despite efforts to keep them down

Opinion: Doug Jones may have defeated Roy Moore in their Senate race, but Alabama’s electoral history is still marked by efforts to frustrate the Black vote
Rep. Trent Franks

The post-Weinstein ’reckoning’ has missed powerful targets

Anne Kingston: Led by a Trumpian example, accepting responsibility for bad or even illegal behaviour has become passé