Rick Mercer

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Rick Mercer on Poilievre vs. Trudeau, his new comedy showcase and more

Mercer returns to prime time with Comedy Night With Rick Mercer. “This is a golden age of stand-up comedy. But it’s a completely insane occupation.”

Interview: Rick Mercer on leaving ’the best job in the world’

Paul Wells talks to the comedian about ending his show, being wary of free spaghetti dinners and which politicians could really tell a joke

Rick Mercer on what’s to come in 2014: ’Stephen Harper will resign’

The CBC’s ranter-in-chief predicts the Conservative Party’s future
canada goose

Waterloo’s Geese Police, Day of Pink & McGillLeaks

What students are talking about today (April 10th)
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Parody of a Minute: Rick Mercer’s ’Bathroom’

The birth of a universal restroom language
Why I rant

Rick Mercer: Why I rant. And why you should too.

Ranting is a ’skill’ the comedian learned from his mother—and he says Canadians don’t do it enough
Pride Parade 20120701

Toronto Pride draws most colours of political spectrum. (Anyone see blue?)

Parade gathers politicians, leadership hopefuls and Mulcair Bears

NDP Convention - scenes from the second day

The NDP chose a new leader over the weekend in dramatic fashion