Royal Canadian Navy


Plucked from peril

The Makena set out for Halifax in fine weather under the steady hand of a respected skipper. It would be the yacht’s last voyage—and only the heroics of Canadian rescuers would spare its crew from tragedy.

The Royal Canadian Navy to the rescue! (Yes, really.)

Image of the Week: A high-seas rescue by crews returning from naval exercises captures the perils of their work, and the ferocity of the North Atlantic
USS Little Rock,

The U.S. Navy’s newest warship is stuck in the ice in Montreal

The $440 million USS Little Rock may be “sleek, agile and deadly”—but it’ll have to wait for the spring thaw to prove it
In The News Jan 30 20180130

The only thing that will fix Canada’s military is public outcry

Opinion: Why the Canadian Armed Forces are trapped in a catch-22—and why pressure on our politicians is the only thing that can break it
An Iver Huitfeldt-class frigate.

For smarter shipbuilding, Canada should look to Denmark

Opinion: Canada’s shipbuilding plan is ballooning in cost—as these projects often do in many countries. But a former Navy commander says there is another way
Defence Policy 20170607

The Liberals’ defence policy: So much, and too little

Chrystia Freeland set out a bold vision for Canada’s foreign policy. But the Liberals’ defence policy seems to offer few ways to meet it.
40 Foot Tall Yellow Ducky in LA

How Canada’s navy stacks up against a giant rubber duck

A giant, rubber duck is headed to Toronto this summer for Canada Day. Here’s how it compares in size to the ships in Canada’s navy
An old boat sits on the shore, Port of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

How Ottawa abandoned our only Arctic port

Canada’s only Arctic deep-water port is now closed, leaving workers in Churchill puzzled and any talk of Arctic sovereignty feeling like empty rhetoric

Bombing runs and budget funds: Canada’s two massive military challenges

Evan Solomon and David Perry hash out Liberal headaches on the military file.

Why Canada’s military risks returning to a decade of darkness

Evan Solomon on National Defence’s looming funding crisis