(Photo Illustration by Lauren Cattermole and Heshmat Saberi)

A middle-aged, out-of-shape man’s guide to starting to run

Scott Feschuk takes up jogging, and lives to tell the tale—just barely
Lewis Kent

Can you drink beer and run a mile? You could be a pro athlete.

Running a mile and chugging four beers may not sound like a sport—but it’s attracting major sponsors, celebrity attention and star athletes.
Just shut your mouth at the finish line

Colour races break all the rules

No time clock, no training routine: it’s a messy, five-kilometre party
Feet don’t fail them now

Adidas vs. Nike: Sneaker companies run for the money

Adidas and Under Armour make strides against footwear giant
scott hems

Too fat for the team

Scott Hems overcame bullying and lost 100 pounds
See spot drag the human

See spot drag the human

Looking for the perfect workout for you and your pooch? Tether him to your crotch.
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Cooler runnings

A Calgary team’s cutting-edge 3-D modelling system diagnoses, treats, and even predicts runners’ injuries