Russell Williams

Serial killer Russell Williams will keep his military pension—for now

Ontario’s highest court bars Laurie Massicotte from pursuing Williams’s pension as part of a multimillion-dollar lawsuit

Russell Williams clings to his pension

With a court date looming, serial killer Russell Williams fights to maintain his military retirement benefits.

Ex-colonel Russell Williams settles out of court with some victims

Details of the compensation are confidential; serial killer and his wife still the target of one ongoing lawsuit

Serial killer Russell Williams could lose his military pension after all

Legal battle over ex-colonel’s retirement benefits now before Ontario’s highest court

What did police learn from the Russell Williams investigation?

Nothing they can tell the public, according to a freedom of information request that took three years to process

How one man removed himself from the sex-offender registry

And what it means the for the developing system


Exclusive: Serial killer Russell Williams has sold his infamous cottage

Family next door—his very first victims—buy Tweed, Ont., property for $165,000

Canada’s most notorious

An exclusive poll reveals who Canadians consider the country’s worst criminals


Ontario police still not implementing protocol that could have saved Russell Williams’ victim

The police protocol that could have saved Russell Williams’ victim still hasn’t been put in place, reports the Toronto Star.

Good news, bad news

Good news, bad news: July 12-19, 2012

The Calgary Stampede sets a new attendance record, while Canada’s killer colonel is the subject of a movie on Lifetime

Her only crime was trusting him

Maclean’s exclusive: Russell Williams offers a defence

As the lawsuits against him pile up, the ex-colonel says he should not be forced to pay at least one of his victims