Sandra Bullock

86th Annual Academy Awards – Arrivals

Oscar night: A red-carpet review

Anne Kingston on the best and worst sartorial choices
Actress Kate Hudson poses for photographers as she arrives at a fundraising dinner for the Novak Djokovic Foundation in London

2013 in fashion: Mullet dresses cover red carpets

Hollywood dawns the flowy dresses inspired by the distinctive hairdo

Going solo on film

From Gravity to All Is Lost, some of the year’s best films were stories of solitary souls
Don Jon

TIFF 2013: Trends and tales

What we learned at TIFF 2013, from how volunteers make great human shields to why you will never be better than Michael Fassbender

TIFF 2013 Diary, Day Three ... from space cadets to cannibals

Our daily dose of the TIFF scene, from Sandra Bullock’s space cadet to Eli Roth’s hungry fans

Novelty acts: The Heat, White House Down, Storm Surfers 3D

Bring on the dumb comedy, mindless action . . . and surf porn

Newsmakers: Sept. 22-29

Miley gets political, the Pope gets stung and Julian Assange gets an autobiography he doesn’t want
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Year in pictures - Oscars

Maclean’s presents the best photos of 2010
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I know how I’d live as a rich man

And it’s my last chance to convince some fool of my Five Surefire Ideas for getting me there