Shawn Atleo

Bernard Valcourt: A street fighter heads back to the streets

For the Tory MP—popular in his home province, and armed again with a senior cabinet job—the time for diplomacy with First Nations groups is over

A complicated path forward for the Assembly of First Nations

A move inside the AFN aims to give local and regional chiefs more autonomy

Good news, bad news

Elon Musk in space, a deadly Afghan landslide and Ontario gets a chance for a clean start

First Nations dropout rate falls, but less so on reserves

C.D. Howe Institute endorses First Nations Control of Education Act

5 at 5: Ukraine’s military moves in

Also: Shawn Atleo steps down, more on Marc Nadon, Ontario votes in June, deadly mudslide in Afghanistan

Shawn Atleo meets the PM

Tease the day: The PMO claims progress on the aboriginal file

Shawn Atleo wants the government’s attention

Tease the day: The aboriginal leader says the government must listen to his people


The end of a protest

Amid mixed polling, questions about her health and a report that she was facing an ultimatum, Theresa Spence will be honoured this morning in downtown Ottawa by the Nishnawbe Aski Nation and then proceed to a news conference at 11am.


‘Our deep appreciation for her strength and resolve’

The Assembly of First Nations confirms its support for the joint declaration.


An end to Theresa Spence’s protest?

Three separate reports this morning that Chief Theresa Spence’s protest could be nearing an end.


Chiefs issue new request to meet Harper, but no evidence PM will agree

More disagreement over the presence of the Governor General


The trials of Shawn Atleo

APTN details the chatter about Shawn Atleo’s health and leadership and the Globe looks at the possibility of a non-confidence vote, while Tim Harper reports on threats and infighting.