Michael Wernick, former clerk of the Privy Council of Canada, participates in an interview with Maclean's, on Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021. (Photograph by Justin Tang)

Michael Wernick has some advice

Paul Wells talks to the former clerk of the Privy Council about his advice to Prime Ministers, the time pressures of governing, and political exits

Canadian politics needs way more shame

Scott Gilmore: Canada needs men and women in power who are afraid to lie to us, who would be embarrassed to be caught out, who blush and fear the consequences
Justin Trudeau

Now—finally—Parliament can demand real answers on SNC-Lavalin

Andrew MacDougall: With the Trudeau Liberals reduced to a minority, the opposition parties must use their newfound leverage to demand a judicial inquiry into the affair

SNC-Lavalin may not be a ballot box winner for Scheer

Philippe J. Fournier: Three new polls conducted after the ethics commissioner’s report was released show the race still deadlocked

The McLellan report would have ended the SNC affair before it began

Paul Wells: Under the proposed ’McLellan protocol’ the incessant piling-on the attorney general by staffers would not have been possible
Justin Trudeau

A new 338Canada/Maclean’s projection: Could SNC-Lavalin hurt the Liberals again?

Philippe J. Fournier: Pollsters are likely in the field on the heels of the latest developments in the SNC-Lavalin affair. Right now, Liberals and Tories are statistically tied.
Justin Trudeau

#TrudeauMustResign vs. #IStandWithTrudeau

Everyone was yelling on Twitter after the ethics commissioner report. Who yelled the the loudest? Negative Trudeau hashtags received more mentions than positive ones.
NB Trudeau Tintamarre 20190815

Justin Trudeau’s ’Just watch me!’ moment

Anne Kingston: The PM reframed his ethics violation as a civic virtue—this government will protect jobs, even if lines need to be crossed.
SNC Lavalin Caisse 201908006

How a bill becomes law—when SNC-Lavalin pulls the strings

The powerful engineering giant had two former Supreme Court justices, a former Privy Council clerk and the PMO on its side. It got everything it wanted—except a deal to escape a court fight

Why didn’t SNC-Lavalin grab a chance to make its best case?

The ethics commissioner’s report contains multiple mentions of Wilson-Raybould’s offer to pass along the company’s public-interest arguments